New Blog Software

For the last view years I’ve been using gelato CMS, which was quite nice since it provided Tumblr-like functionalities as Open Source code. Unfortunately development on this particular piece of software stopped and the code wasn’t very well written either, so it was very hard to include additional sources or modify them to match new API specifications (e. g. Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc. had to be added by hand and this had to be done within a many-thousand-lines source file).

Therefore I searched for a new blog-software. Self-Hosting is a must, therefore popular services like Tumblr or Posterous were out of question. I wanted to post as quickly and easy as possible, the theme simple and clean, possibilities to add functionalities and a better archive and search function than before. WordPress seemed too bloated at first (and I think it still is), but it’s also very popular – and therefore well maintained and equipped with a large community. The stumblr-theme provided the basis for my own look and the availability of good mobile-theme switchers and a smartphone-app is also very nice. I found one or two other Tumblr-like CMS, which weren’t actively developed as well. Therefore, WordPress was the only choice and at the moment I’m happy.

I moved the latest posts already here, but the old blog will for some time still be available under More posts will be moved here in the future.

Also I’m planning to use the Categories-feature – allowing to subscribe only to certain categories. The respective RSS-links are available under each post.

Welcome to the new, old re-blog.